Our selfless specialists are doing
their best to keep it running.

Hello, I am Lyutzkan but my friends keep calling me Luci. I am the Senior System Administrator at Omegahosting.net.
Keeping this place running smoothly is my top priority. As with any job there are inevitable problems but they are always resolved in a timely manner.

Hi there, my name is Alina and I am the Junior System Administrator here.
Together with Lyutzkan and an unnamed human we make sure everything is top notch 24/7.

What we do and how we do it.

One of the most important things here is code. Without someone writing, testing and deploying code there will be no services running, there will be no pages served and nobody will be clicking on the links in these pages. So we make absolutely sure there is code being written at all times!

Another critical part of our job is configuring the servers and the services running on them. As any chef will tell you - the recipe for success is in the details. In our case it is in the commented out parameters. A service with a default configuration is a big no-no here - just like a dinner with a temperature below 35°C.

Last but not least - the hardware. Unlike our meals, we like to keep our servers cool so they are at top performance. As a type of noodles (i.e. related to Danger Noodles) we also take care all other noodles are tidy. Fiber or copper, power or ethernet - we do not tolerate torsion except during dinner breaks. Oh, and we have UPSes, so even if the world ends, we will be up and running for a few more hours after that because we are that devoted.

Our job is our passion

A team dedicated to excelence and winning challenges.


To make the right decisions, to expand the horizons with new and exciting possibilities.


To get the job done quickly and efficiently, to react fast to the everchanging environment.

Some other skills

Making dinner, cleaning, buying stuff the team needs. If only we had limbs.

You can reach us by email

But don't forget to replace the part after @ with our domain.
Otherwise, it will go nowhere and don't you dare say we didn't warn you about it. If you use a decent email provider you will probably get a warning but do not rely on this, just add the domain manually...it's not that difficult, right?